Sentinel DVD Bootleg/Fraud Alert

As of September 2009, the only official release of THE SENTINEL is SEASON ONE.

An internet company based in Montreal, Canada is selling DVDs of TV shows. Among the many titles that they sell, they are offering Seasons One to Four of THE SENTINEL for $160.00. These DVDs are being marketed like they are genuine releases (i.e. they use the words "sealed" and "professional, full color artwork"), but they are home-made DVDs, taped from TV. This company has had problems in the past with broken/unplayable disks, missing episodes, and failing to deliver any dvds after charging a customer's credit card. After numerous complaints from unhappy customers, the company changes its name and continues to market their bootleg DVDs. Their domain name changes frequently, but their phone number has remained the same, and is an 877 number ending in 7-TVSHOW.

Here is a link to some complaints. Bootleg DVDs

If you're wondering if you're looking at an official, legitimate release, check a reliable online DVD seller (i.e. to see if the DVDs are listed on their site.


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